Things That Can Destroy Your Computer/Laptop Slowly

Things That Can Destroy Your Computer/Laptop Slowly

The computer surely makes our life easier but are you sure that you pay it back the same way? It seems insignificant to us to keep the laptop battery intact or forgetting to unplug the headphone but believe me this can slowly kill our electric buddy. Don't worry, I will help you by making awareness about these silly mistakes.

01. Never connect the outlet after connecting the charger.
Connecting the power supply at last can in worst case burn out the charger or damage the motherboard. This is because the current is much less than that required to short the capacitors and the output voltage might overshoot. As a result, voltage transition may rise above the given range.
Note: So always start with connecting the laptop to the charging pin, then the plug to the power source and only then turn the laptop on.

02. Remove the battery from the laptop after it is charged 50-60%.
If you frequently use your laptop while it's plugged in, it may become less productive over time reserving only enough battery for 20 min. It is best to keep the battery in the fridge(not in the freezer) wrapping it in waterproof plastic. This way it does not oxidize and also retains its properties.
Note: For the frequent user of laptop, while it’s plugged in, take out the battery after you’ve changed it to about 50–60%.

03. Impatience while starting the PC.
Impatiently starting your PC gives too much pressure. This can't be handled causing the operating system to freeze and distortion of data may occur. If your PC works slower, check the list of startup programs and either sort them or remove some.
Note: Impatience gives your computer too much pressure it can’t handle, causing the operating system to freeze and the distortion of data

04. Using a tee and extension cable instead of a power strip is advisable.
As power cuts can cause instant data less and can also cause the burning of the processor. Lighting can give us a hard time as it sends its pulses through cables and even phone wires. A build-up static is also a potential danger. To protect oneself and minimize all ride we must use a power strip instead of usual tee or extension word as it will turn off the power supply in times of strong voltage drops.

05. Putting your system unit too close to the wall, furniture and home decoration can obstruct the ventilation.
A computer needs an effective cooling system. Blocking the ventilation can cause damage to the components and even slow down the system. It will slowly shorten the battery life an make the system inefficient. Placing your PC on the soft surfaces like bed and pillow blocks the air vents which are generally found at the bottom. 

06. Installing unnecessary programs can be a problem.
For OS to run smoothly for many years, the registry should be cleaned often to get rid of temporary and duplicate files. The use of original drivers which is fully compatible with the computer is advisable. It should be scanned regularly to get rid of viruses and suspicious files.

07. Avoid transporting your laptop in sleep or hibernation mode.
Whenever your system is placed in the sleep mode, the only part that is powered is those which requires to keep the current system program running. This implies that hard disk and other non-essential components are in low power mode. As it can be led to serious software damage due to overheating while in a travel bag.

08. Exposing the laptop to direct sunlight.
The ultraviolet rays from the sunlight can just destroy anything. It can cause overheating and even can kill its display. Heating of the laptop is it's the worst enemy. So it is better to use an additional cooling system using a special strand with small build-in-fan.

09. Avoid using a cheap replacement power supply.
Mangled power code doesn't serve for long. The best way is to bundle the cord to itself or the power adaptor. The use of the cheap power supply can damage the battery and motherboard.  

10. Avoid keeping gadgets plugged into the system.
These gadgets absorb energy even when the laptop is turned off. It affects the battery performance of the laptop. Ammonia-based, alcohol-containing substances can seriously damage the anti-reflective coating of the screen and shorten its lifespan. The best is to use a microfiber or soft fabric for cleaning the screen.