Dangerous Apps Removed by Google from Play Store, delete them now from your phones

Dangerous Apps Removed by Google from Play Store, delete them now from your Android Phones

Google has removed around 200 Android applications from its Play Store for the safety of Android users. These apps were termed 'dangerous' as they have rogue adware called SimBad and have been downloaded over 150 million times by the android users, so Google removed all of them.
As per the report provided by Google, these apps have a lot of malicious capabilities including phishing and exposing your smartphone to other rogue apps. While Google has deleted all these apps from Play Store, read the list of these type of application and make sure these are not available in your android phone.

User cannot identify these apps normally, the only effects a user might notice is that the apps would use a significantly greater amount of mobile data, at all times, and consume the phone’s battery power in high amount.

Uninstall these apps instantly from your Phone

  • Sparkle FlashLight – com.sparkle.flashlight
  • Snake Attack – com.mobilebt.snakefight
  • Math Solver – com.mobilebt.mathsolver
  • ShapeSorter – com.mobilebt.shapesorter
  • Tak A Trip – com.takatrip.android
  • Magnifeye – com.magnifeye.android
  • Join Up – com.pesrepi.joinup
  • Zombie Killer – com.pesrepi.zombiekiller
  • Space Rocket – com.pesrepi.spacerocket
  • Neon Pong – com.pesrepi.neonpong
  • Just Flashlight – app.mobile.justflashlight
  • Table Soccer – com.mobile.tablesoccer
  • Cliff Diver – com.mobile.cliffdiver
  • Box Stack – com.mobile.boxstack
  • Jelly Slice – net.kanmobi.jellyslice
  • AK Blackjack – com.maragona.akblackjack
  • Color Tiles – com.maragona.colortiles
  • Animal Match – com.beacon.animalmatch
  • Roulette Mania – com.beacon.roulettemania
  • HexaFall – com.atry.hexafall
  • HexaBlocks – com.atry.hexablocks
  • PairZap – com.atry.pairzap

Note: These apps contain malicious files.

This move by Google is also a warning for Android users, whose data may be at risk of being stolen by unknown entities.

Most of these APPS  are gaming, photo editing apps but here are some apps which you may have on your phone.

The below mentioned are some of the most popular apps which have removed by Google from its Play Store.

  • Phone Finder
  • Dual Screen Browser
  • Face Beauty Makeup
  • Deleted Files recovery
  • Broken Screen – Cracked Screen
  • Modi Photo Frame
  • Anti Theft & Full Battery Alarm
  • Voice reading for SMS. Whatsapp & text SMS
  • Move App To SD Card
  • Live Translator
  • Flash Alert – Flash on Call
  • Football Results & Stats Analyzer
  • DSLR Camera Blur
  • Recover Deleted Pictures
  • Anti-spam Calls
  • Professional Recorder

Some other affected Application

Kindly delete these apps from your phones to avoid infection.

  • Baby Room
  • MotorTraiL
  • Tattoo Name
  • Car garage
  • Japanese Garden
  • House Terrace
  • Skirt Design
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Shoe rack
  • Unique T-shirt
  • Mens Shoes
  • TV RuanG TaMu
  • Idea Glasses
  • Fashion Muslim
  • Bracelet
  • Clothing Drawing
  • Minimalist Kitchen
  • Nail Art
  • Ice cream stick
  • Roof
  • Children Clothes
  • Home Ceiling
  • PoLa BaJu
  • Living room
  • Bookshelf
  • Knitted Baby
  • Hair Paint
  • Wall Decoration
  • Painting Mahendi
  • Bodybuilder
  • Couple shirts
  • Unique Graffiti
  • Paper flower
  • Night gown
  • Wardrobe Ideas
  • Dining table
  • Gymnastics
  • Use Child
  • Window Design
  • Hijab StyLe
  • Wing Chun
  • Fencing Technique


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